‘Wrap-around school’ childcare

Do you need to leave for work earlier than the children go to school and finish later than they do?

Cotswold Angel can care for your children at home meaning you can leave independently for work in the mornings for a more stress-free journey, safe in the knowledge that they will:

  • Avoid the morning rush associated with breakfast clubs and childminders
  • Continue with familiar routines
  • Have time to practice spellings or tables before their weekly school tests

Cotswold Angel can also:

  • Collect the children from school
  • Supervise homework
  • Cook a nutritious supper
  • Engage in play activities
  • Begin bedtime routines

Cotswold Angel will always respect parents’ wishes and approaches to childcare, family values and cultural preferences and implement these when working with all children.

“Sonia bonded very well with my son (aged 7) in a short space of time. She has found a good balance between play and homework and encourages him appropriately. Sonia’s help at the start and end of the day takes the pressure off; she is punctual and always happy.”
Neil Waterton, Parent

“When first meeting Sonia I was immediately impressed with her effortless ease in bonding with the children; my children instinctively responded positively to her and have established a firm and warm friendship quite independent from any relationship that I have as a parent with Sonia.”
Lisa Ironmonger, Parent

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