Help in the home

  • Do you need help with house cleaning, laundry (washing, ironing, repairs, dry-cleaning), housekeeping, shopping and cooking?
  • Are you preparing to host a significant family party at home and need an extra pair of hands to assist with this?
  • Do you need someone trustworthy to wait at home for an important parcel delivery or the installation of an appliance?

Cotswold Angel can offer regular support to you in your home, whether this is required weekly, fortnightly or monthly and with whatever jobs you may need. We will work closely with you to establish your home-based priorities which may include general cleaning, laundry management, shopping and cooking and design a personalised schedule which you can amend when your priorities change to incorporate cleaning windows or changing seasonal soft furnishings, for example.

Cotswold Angel can also provide ‘one-off’ help with cleaning tasks, cooking for the freezer or dinner parties and general help to prepare for and support family events.

Cotswold Angel will wait in your home whilst you are at work, to take delivery of expected parcels or appliances and oversee home repairs, decorating projects or the installation of appliances. You may rest assured that your home will be treated respectfully and when appropriate, left securely.

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