Support for ageing parents

  • Do you have an ageing parent or relative living with you or close by?
  • Are they reasonably independent though occasionally forgetful, particularly regarding mealtimes and medication?
  • Are you reluctant to leave them at home alone when you need to attend appointments or social engagements?

Cotswold Angel offers sensitive care and companionship to your elderly loved one during the daytime, evenings or overnight so that you may be away in the safe knowledge that they will be supervised and the home kept secure.

Cotswold Angel will provide your loved one with professional support to:

  • Encourage their continued independence regarding self-care and daily living skills at an appropriate level
  • Promote and engage in their interests
  • Utilise their conversational prowess
  • Exercise their memory skills

Cotswold Angel will visit you at home before an initial booking in order to become familiarised with your loved one’s specific needs, preferred routines, medication and important contact details including local GP. We will also provide a comprehensive overview on completion of the assignment.

Cotswold Angel will always respect your family values and cultural preferences when working with elderly relatives and implement your approaches to care and routines, in order to avoid their possible confusion, frustration and anxiety.

Please note that Cotswold Angel cannot provide specialised nursing care at any time.

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